Why Pinks Boutique at Studio One?


We chose PINK’S BOUTIQUE for our beauty spa treatments and products, because we’ve worked with them before. They’re local and professional. We wanted to offer you the highest quality products and provide a spa experience comparable to many luxury spas. Pinks offer a complete range of treatments and products for manicure, pedicure, facial, body, waxing, pre-natal and baby, designed exclusively for spas. Here are a few of the reasons we love them.

Results without chemicals

These products have received fantastic reviews from therapists, their clients and journalists. They’re used by 5 star spas such as Aman at The Connaught, Chewton Glen and Titanic Spa.

Award winning Eco-luxury

Pinks Anti-Ageing Serum was voted in the top 10 in independent trials in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. Their Bamboo and Oatmeal Facial Polish was voted a Best Buy of 2011 by Natural Health magazine in their beauty awards and was highly commended in 2010!

Stunning treatments

Pinks go out of their way to make all our treatments beautiful. There are no second rate manicures or pedicures. All of the treatments are equally as luxurious and stunning as the signature facials and body treatments.

Homegrown goodness

Pinks are a true British brand. Their products are all made in the UK, lowering your carbon footprint, reducing your impact on the environment and supporting British business and trade.

Certifed Organic LuxuryCertified organic, luxury products

If you don’t like chemicals in your food, why put up with them on your skin? These products exclude cheap bases, such as liquid paraffin. Instead you get active, rich, Eco-luxury products. You will feel and smell the difference.

Responsible to the environment

Pinks use less packaging and their products are made with recyclable materials. They also have a sustainable sourcing policy.

Animal friendly

Protecting the bunnies! Pinks Boutique products are not tested on animals. That includes any of the component ingredients too.

Pure and active

These products are full of ingredients, as opposed to the vast amounts of water content you get in mainstream synthetic products. Pinks don’t use water to fill and cheapen their products, which means they last you longer as you only use a tiny amount.

Kind to your skin

Ever get a bad reaction from using a beauty product? With Pinks products, your skin will thank you for eliminating the usual reactions and allergies it gets with regular beauty products.

But, words can only tell you so much. Why not take advantage of our Introductory Offer prices and treat yourself to something?