February 2015 offer: Half Price Pinks Boutique Treatments

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, things have all settled down now and we’re all fully back into normal routines,  stopped any nonsense diets we swore we’d stick to and have found plenty of excuses to get us out of going to the gym.

Ready for a pampering?

All Pinks Boutique treatments booked for February (excluding mini treatments) are half price!

Pinks Boutique - Half Price in February

Treat yourself, a friend or a loved one to one of our Spa Ritual treatments and you’ll save a load.

Pinks Boutique Treatments on offer

  • Signature Facial Ritual (1hr 45mins, £50, February price £25)
  • Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Facial (1hr 30mins, £45, February price £22.50)
  • Organic Facial (1hr, £40, February price £20)
  • Signature Body Ritual (2hrs, £55, February price £27.50)
  • Pinks Power Massage (1hr 30mins, £45, February price £22.50)
  • Pinks Back and Beyond (1hr, £40, February price £20)
  • Pinks Body Delight (1hr, £40, February price £20)
  • Signature Manicure Ritual (1hr 30mins, £45, February price £22.50)
  • Signature Pedicure Ritual (1hr 30mins, £45, February price £22.50)

Decisions, decisions. If you’re spoilt for choice, read all about each treatment in detail here. Book early, we’ll fill up fast.

See you in Feb x

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