April 2012: Holidays, online shops and timeline?

Happy Easter!

OK, first things first, we’re closed tomorrow for Easter Monday. Time for a nice break, have a good one!

Ceremonial tea break!New Prices

It had to happen at some point, but our changes aren’t all about increases. Our new hair prices (from April 2012) now better reflect the services you get from our stylists and senior stylists. Yes, some have gone up, but some have also stayed the same and some have even gone down!

We’ve checked, and for the quality of service and products we offer, we’re still the best value hair and beauty salon in the area!

Have you visited Pinks Boutique at Studio One?

More and more people are getting to know about our new, luxury treatment room, with award winning beauty treatments and the most amazing organic beauty products you’ve ever tried. If you want to treat your skin to something luxurious, natural and organic, the PINKS BOUTIQUE range should be top of your list.

If you want to go for the full pampering, spa experience, book in for one of our specially designed PINKS BOUTIQUE treatments. You won’t regret it.

PINKS BOUTIQUE organic beauty range in our shop


All our products in an online shop, sort of!

Studio One online shop

We’ve started putting all the products we stock in an online shop, so you can browse them from home, even when we’re closed. The PINKS BOUTIQUE range will be added first (still got a few to add), followed by our Clynol range of professional hair care products. You can even browse the products from Facebook!

At the moment, you still have to call us up to order anything, but we hope to let you buy online in the future.


Facebook competition – get sharing!

Do you like us yet? You should, because we’re still offering a prize to someone who does, as soon as we reach 100 likes! It could be you, so click Like below, now!

If you already like us or want the draw to happen sooner, all you need to do is share our page with your friends and ask them to like it. Easy.

Now then, we’ve now got this fancy new Facebook Timeline thingy, so if you’re not sure how to share our page here’s a quick guide (or see how to do it here), first go to our page:

  1. Click on the drop down box, next to Message on the right, under our cover image
  2. Click “Share”
  3. Say something nice about us, or something like, “OMG, Studio One is great! Like their page and you can win an amazing spa treatment worth up to £50!”
  4. Click on, “Share Page”
  5. Sit back and eat another Easter egg (optional)

Have a good break, xx.

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