All Pinks Boutique Treatments Half Price

The weather perking up a bit, so why not perk yourself up? If you haven’t tried our Pinks Boutique Rituals, this is the perfect introduction.

Pinks go out of their way to make all our treatments beautiful. There are no second rate manicures or pedicures.

Pinks Boutique is a true British brand. Their products are all made in the UK (not far from us!). This means that as well as pampering yourself, you’re lowering your carbon footprint, reducing your impact on the environment and supporting British business and trade.

Studio One SpaPinks Boutique Treatments: Offer prices

  • Signature Facial Ritual (1hr 45mins, £50, Offer price £25)
  • Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Facial (1hr 30mins, £45, Offer price £22.50)
  • Organic Facial (1hr, £40, Offer price £20)
  • Signature Body Ritual (2hrs, £55, Offer price £27.50)
  • Pinks Power Massage (1hr 30mins, £45, Offer price £22.50)
  • Pinks Back and Beyond (1hr, £40, Offer price £20)
  • Pinks Body Delight (1hr, £40, Offer price £20)
  • Signature Manicure Ritual (1hr 30mins, £45, Offer price £22.50)
  • Signature Pedicure Ritual (1hr 30mins, £45, Offer price £22.50)

Read all about each treatment in detail here.

Offer valid until 21 May 2015

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